Is there a minimum amount of money required to participate in BLESS CANADA?2019-02-27T10:13:11-05:00
  • BLESS CANADA welcomes any contribution for any amount. There is no minimum.

How is the money in Egypt distributed?2019-02-27T10:16:13-05:00
  • Under the leadership of His Holiness Pope Shenouda III, along with His Grace Bishop Youannes, the money is distributed to the needy and disadvantaged Copts.

  • BLESS in Egypt extensively investigates and verifies every case for aid it receives. A careful and comprehensive method is used to identify needy individuals and assess their needs.

  • Semi-annually BLESS in Egypt issues a comprehensive report on how the funds were used, how much was used and where it was used.

  • His Holiness Pope Shenouda III personally meets many of these needy people every Thursday in Cairo, and every other Saturday in Alexandria.

Is the money evenly distributed, or is it distributed only to certain individuals? How are funds distributed (who distributes)?2019-02-27T10:21:10-05:00

The money is distributed to individuals based on their need; a family of four may need less funds than a family of ten. The BLESS team in Egypt, led by H.G. Bishop Youannes, keeps a comprehensive track of those individuals who receive funds/ contributions from BLESS CANADA. There is an evaluation system that is used by BLESS to establish need and provide care:

  • Assessment – H.G. Bishop Youannes, along with the BLESS team, meet with individuals who will receive funds from BLESS CANADA to determine legitimacy and need.

  • Distribution – Funds are then distributed based on need.

  • Follow-up – Individuals who received funds are monitored in order to ensure that funds given are used for the purpose intended and legitimately.

  • Reassessment and update – His Grace Bishop Youannes and the BLESS team work diligently to ascertain whether the situations of individuals receiving money from BLESS CANADA is deteriorating or improving. Records are then updated.

  • Redistribution – Depending on the findings of the reassessment and update of a case, funds are then redistributed accordingly.

Does any of the money sent go to the building of churches in Egypt or any other project(s)?2019-02-27T10:23:51-05:00
  • No. All of the money BLESS CANADA sends to Egypt is exclusively used for distribution to the needy.

Can the contributor choose which family he/she wants to sponsor?2019-02-27T10:25:29-05:00
  • We do not have a list of names, just a list of family cases. Thus we are unable to choose. The assignment of cases to contributors is random.

  • All of the individuals on the list are families in desperate need.

How is the money sent to Egypt and when is it sent to Egypt?2019-02-27T10:27:23-05:00
  • The money is wired to the BLESS account in Egypt every month. More specifically the donated money is sent whenever the need or urgency for it arises.

  • H.G. Bishop Youannes handles these funds.

Are donations tax-deductible?2019-02-27T10:28:23-05:00
  • Yes, all contributions and donations are tax-deductible.

Who supervises BLESS CANADA in Canada?2019-02-27T10:29:36-05:00
  • BLESS CANADA’s activities are supervised under H.H.POPE SHENOUDA III, with the help of H.G. BISHOP YOUANNES & Mr. Ikram Youssef in Toronto.

Where do we get the statistics from?2019-02-27T10:30:49-05:00
  • The statistics have been compiled from current sources such as the United Nations 1998 Human Development Report and World Bank 1998; these groups work to assist the needy in many countries around the world. A complete list of sources from where the statistics were derived is available upon request.

What is meant by poverty, adequate sanitation, illiteracy?2019-02-27T10:32:21-05:00
  • Poverty: 34% of the Egyptian population, living on less than $2/day.

  • Adequate sanitation: access to proper, safe, and clean excreta disposal, such as bathrooms, outhouses, or composts

  • Illiteracy: the ability of an adult to write, in complete sentences, a paragraph about his day, his life, his job, etc.

Can we send clothing or equipment rather than money?2019-02-27T10:33:35-05:00
  • Occasionally BLESS CANADA will send items (other than money) to Egypt.

  • The items accepted must be of good quality, befitting the dignity of the needy.

  • Currently, BLESS CANADA does not ship directly to Egypt.

What percentage of funds raised actually go to Egypt, and what is the percentage of administrative costs?2019-02-27T10:34:36-05:00
  • Administrative costs fluctuate between 7-10%. Thus 90-93% of funds raised by BLESS CANADA go directly to needy Copts in Egypt.

Do funds go to Copts who are victims of militants, and how are these Copts helped by BLESS in general?2019-02-27T10:35:22-05:00
  • Yes, BLESS CANADA has a special fund for such situations. Some of the families who receive contributions from BLESS CANADA are victims of fanatical attacks, or terrorism. These individuals are assisted with contributions of money, clothing, economic opportunity assistance, medical assistance, educational assistance, etc.

If families on the sponsor list are not sponsored by contributors, do they receive money anyway?2019-02-27T10:41:53-05:00
  • Yes. Even if a specific family is not sponsored by a contributor, they will still receive funds from the general fund of BLESS CANADA.

Have you tried to solicit funds from the US Government or from any other outside sources?2019-02-27T10:43:47-05:00
  • BLESS CANADA is currently researching options that will enable it to solicit funds from outside sources, possibly even the U.S. Government. If you have any suggestions, please contact BLESS CANADA.

How does BLESS CANADA differ from other Coptic relief organizations in Canada?2019-02-27T10:45:27-05:00
  • BLESS CANADA is a nonprofit charity organization established by the Coptic Orthodox Church. It serves all Copts with different needs in all areas of Egypt. It is regulated and supervised by His Holiness Pope Shenouda III and maintained by H.G. Bishop Youannes.

Does BLESS CANADA help the needy in Cairo only?2019-02-27T10:47:05-05:00
  • No. BLESS CANADA funds are extended and distributed to needy people in different parts of Egypt. For example, the dioceses of Deir-Moass, Koussia, Manfaalout, Abanoub, Abou-Teeg and Deirut.

Is the Sponsor A Family project a one-time contribution, or will I have to keep contributing every month? Will there be a reminder sent?2019-02-27T10:49:17-05:00
  • Contributing to The Sponsor a Family project can occur one time if the contributor so wishes; however, most contributors donate monthly to it. There are also some contributors who donate semi-annually and annually. It is flexible and dependant on the contributor.

  • No monthly reminders are sent specifically for the Sponsor a Family program, but a monthly BLESS CANADA newsletter is sent, and one may use the enclosed business reply envelope (which does not require a stamp) with the newsletter to send a monthly contribution if one wishes.

What is the Matching Gift Program? What if I want to make a contribution anonymously, but I want my company to match the gift (contribution)?2019-02-27T10:51:19-05:00
  • The Matching Gift Program is one where your employer may match your contribution to BLESS CANADA, double, or even triple, it.

  • If you would like to make a contribution to BLESS CANADA and would like your employer to match it, please call BLESS CANADA to obtain a matching gift brochure to see if your company participates.

Is BLESS CANADA staffed by volunteers, or paid staff?2019-02-27T10:54:06-05:00
  • Through God’s grace, BLESS CANADA has been functioning with the assistance of a voluntary, part-time staff. There are no paid employees or staff members of BLESS CANADA.

Is there a way to contribute online?2019-02-27T10:56:21-05:00
  • Yes.

Can I contribute monthly by issuing post-dated checks?2019-02-27T11:13:06-05:00
  • Yes. You can easily have contributions automatically deducted from your checking account if you would like to contribute the same amount every month.

How are receipts of contributions handled for tax-filling purposes?2019-02-27T11:08:20-05:00
  • In February following the close of a fiscal year, BLESS CANADA sends a summary contribution statement to every contributor, according to CANADIAN INCOME TAX regulations.

  • This statement is used as a receipt for tax-exemption purposes.

Are any BLESS CANADA funds taxable?2019-02-27T11:10:16-05:00
  • No. BLESS CANADA is a tax-exempt organization.

  • All contributions are tax-deductible.

What are the office hours of BLESS CANADA?2019-02-27T11:12:28-05:00
  • Currently, office hours are from Monday through Friday 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM EST. Messages are retrieved daily and calls are usually returned within 24 hours.


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