The money is distributed to individuals based on their need; a family of four may need less funds than a family of ten. The BLESS team in Egypt, led by H.G. Bishop Youannes, keeps a comprehensive track of those individuals who receive funds/ contributions from BLESS CANADA. There is an evaluation system that is used by BLESS to establish need and provide care:

  • Assessment – H.G. Bishop Youannes, along with the BLESS team, meet with individuals who will receive funds from BLESS CANADA to determine legitimacy and need.

  • Distribution – Funds are then distributed based on need.

  • Follow-up – Individuals who received funds are monitored in order to ensure that funds given are used for the purpose intended and legitimately.

  • Reassessment and update – His Grace Bishop Youannes and the BLESS team work diligently to ascertain whether the situations of individuals receiving money from BLESS CANADA is deteriorating or improving. Records are then updated.

  • Redistribution – Depending on the findings of the reassessment and update of a case, funds are then redistributed accordingly.