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Thank you for your interest in volunteering at BLESS CANADA.

BLESS CANADA is a wide-scoped service that requires much work and many volunteers. As a volunteer at BLESS CANADA, you will dedicate a part of your life, but more importantly a part of your heart, to the Brethren of the Lord. BLESS CANADA volunteers serve outwardly on different projects, but internally with prayer. The BLESS CANADA service will become a part of who you are not something you do. You will experience personal and spiritual growth.

If you are thinking of volunteering at BLESS CANADA, the following points are important to remember:

1. BLESS CANADA volunteers are very committed to serving the needy, and thus take this service very seriously.

2. BLESS CANADA service must be a priority in the life of a volunteer. Lives depend on it!

3. Volunteers devote a lot of their time and effort to BLESS CANADA.

4. Volunteers are self-motivated.

5. Volunteers have to be very diligent, able to commit time and adhere to deadlines.

6. Meetings are regularly held at the Archdiocese of North America in Cedar Grove, New Jersey. Attendance is mandatory.

7. Too many needy and impoverished people depend on our service and commitment. Thus there can be no room for inconsistencies, or irresponsibility.

We ask that all volunteers hold fast to the above and are confident that through the grace of God, the service will be fruitful.

Please submit all of the following information to

Name: ____________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________

Phone #: __________________________________________

E-mail: ___________________________________________

Church Membership: _________________________________

City/State: _________________________________

Days & Hours Available: ____________________________

Occupation (if sudent give year):


Hobbies/interests: ________________________________

In what capacity will you be able to serve at BLESS CANADA?


What aspects of the BLESS CANADA service would you be interested in performing?


Do you have access to a computer? _____________________

At Home? ______________________

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