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BLESS CANADA will be pleased to offer the following online services to contributors very soon:

1. credit card contributions - You can contribute one time or schedule monthly automatic contributions, if you would like to contribute the same amount every month.

2. cheque contributions - With this service, you can only schedule monthly automatic contributions from your chequing account. One time cheque contributions are not possible.

No more writing cheques!

No more forgetting to contribute monthly!

  • This online method of contributing to the needy in Egypt will be conducted on a secure server technology.

  • Very soon will be anouncing The New Matching Gift Program

    BLESS CANADA will soon begin to offer the Matching Gift Program. It is a program where your employer matches your contributions to BLESS CANADA. This is an easy way to double your contribution to the needy in Egypt.

  • You will soon be able to search on-line for your company to see if it participates, or you can contact BLESS CANADA to obtain a Matching Gift brochure.

    Who is eligible for Matching Gift Program?

    The following individuals may be eligible (please check with your employer):

    • Employees (full-time & part time)
    • Retired employees
    • Spouses of eligible employees
    • Board of Directors

    What type of organization is BLESS CANADA?

    BLESS CANADA is a nonprofit organization that qualifies under the following categories:

    • Charitable Organization
    • Religious Organization
    • Cultural Organization
    • Human Service/Social Service Organization

    Wouldn't it be great to be able to double your gift!

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