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BLESS CANADA has a variety of projects and activities, specially designed to meet the different and special needs of our disadvantaged Coptic brothers and sisters in Egypt. They include:

    Sponsoring a Family - Provides monthly aid to more than a thousand families living in extreme hardship. These families have no income as a result of the death, absence, or terminal illness of the head of the household. There are many families that are severely impoverished and cannot even feed their families.

    Medical Assistance - Dispenses aid to a large number of chronically ill individuals, and a variety of medical treatments including surgeries, kidney dialyses, emergency treatment, hospitalizations, medication, laboratory tests and x-rays. There are many lives lost from lack of medication, and from minor, easily treatable diseases. All these needless deaths of children and adults could be easily prevented through affordable health care.

    Assistance of the Handicapped - Provides for the many needs of mentally and physically handicapped children and adults. Prostheses (artificial limbs) and medical equipment (wheel chairs, hearing aids, etc.) are in great demand. We in Canada live in an environment that accommodates the handicapped and facilitates their mobility and livelihood. However, in Egypt, these essentials are unavailable.

    Education - Cares for hundreds of students of all ages (whether in primary school, high school, technical school, or college). It also provides training for teachers and literacy programs. The cost of education has greatly risen (more than 350% in the past 10 years). Also in certain parts of Egypt, illiteracy is 50% among men and 70% among women.

    Housing - Provides housing for the homeless, those emigrating from Upper Egypt (El-sa'eed), and those living in overcrowded housing. Harsh conditions, where several families live together in one apartment, sharing everything including one bathroom, can lead to moral and religious depravation.

    Marriage Expense Assistance - Assists young women with marriage costs. This protects our daughters from many dangers and pitfalls.

    Funding for the Underdeveloped - Helps needy families with no income to start small projects to create job opportunities and help them generate income for their families.

    Emergency Fund - Provides assistance and relief to those areas of Egypt that have suffered damage from natural disasters, such as earthquakes and floods. This fund also provides aid to families that suffer from fanatical attacks, aggression and terrorism.

    General Fund - Distributed among the funds/projects listed above, based on the needs of those projects.

*You can help your fellow Copts in Egypt through any of these BLESS CANADA projects*


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